How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop 2021

At some point, I was having a conversation with my boss through WhatsApp, relating to the upcoming project, we were about to begin. She wanted to clarify key factors from a file, she had shared minutes ago. Once I tried to open that file, it won’t open on my mobile, due lack of support for that file. The very first question that popped in my mind was “how I can use Whatsapp for laptop” and is it even possible?

To my surprise, the boss shared a meeting link and wished to go over all of the items. At the moment, when I wanted to install the software (needed for the meeting), I noticed that I should not have enough storage on phone.

That was a really embarrassing moment, you’d really feel me when you put yourself in my shoe. It deepens my thought of utilizing Whatsapp on my Laptop, so I can simply open meeting links, openly shared documents, pictures, videos, and so on and do not run into any issues.

I went ahead and installed this application that day, and this introduced me here to share with you How I installed Whatsapp on my laptop.

Brief History Of Whatsapp For Laptop:

Actually, Whatsapp was officially launched just for Smartphones (Android, BlackBerry OS, Apple iOS, Symbian, Home windows Phone, and many others) and never for Computers/Laptops. Later in 2015, they felt a necessity for using WhatsApp on their laptop/ PC. After that WhatsApp launched a feature called ‘WhatsApp Web’ which can be used in a browser. It was a huge hit, and shortly was followed by Whatsapp Desktop App, officially launched for computers/ laptops.

Can We Use Whatsapp for laptop Directly Or It Needs Installation?

Whatsapp can be used directly via the web without installing it. It doesn’t need installation, rather you simply have to scan a QR code and you’re good to go. The other method is by installing the .exe file offered by in your system. Both methods are explained in detail with screenshots to guide you better.

Requirements To Use Whatsapp On Our PC/Laptop/Tablet Without Installing:

Following are the requirements you need to consider in order to use Whatsapp on laptops and PCs:

  1. Web browser ( Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge browser )
  2. Your Whatsapp account must be active
  3. Keep your WhatsApp app on mobile up-to-date.
  4. You should have a very good internet connection for both your phone and laptop/computer for syncing purposes ( While utilizing WhatsApp in your system, mobile must also be connected to the internet).
  5. Now you can use Whatsapp for laptop

After fulfillment of the above requirements, you should be able to use Whatsapp on your laptop/PC/tablet.

How To Use Whatsapp Via Browser?

Step 1:

Go to in your browser. QR code will appear which needs to be scanned by your phone.


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021


Step 2:

Now open Whatsapp on your phone, tap the setting icon, and then tap on Whatsapp web.

How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021

Step 3:

On your phone when you click on Whatsapp web a scanner will open. Scan the Qr code on the chrome web page of step 1. Scan the code by placing your phone camera before the Qr code on the chrome page.


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021

Step 4:

When you scan the code, Whatsapp will automatically open in your Laptop’s Web browser.


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021


Step 5

Don’t forget to logout once you’re done.


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021


Now enjoy your Whatsapp on your laptop/Computer/Tablet.

How To Use Whatsapp As A Desktop Application?

Operating System requirement:

I’m most often asked these questions like can we use WhatsApp on windows (win OS) or Mac (OSX)? And the reply is, Yes, we can use it on both operating systems i.e. Windows and Mac OS.

How Can I Install Whatsapp for laptop:

Go to this link:

You will see something similar just like the image below. Click on download


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021


Instructions on this page are very straightforward. i.e. You can download the .exe file to your respective OS (Mac OSX or window 32 bit / 64 bit). It may take a while to download, so you may want to finish your cup of tea/ coffee.

Once downloaded, simply open it and it will give you this screen below:


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021


  1. Grab your mobile,
  2. open Whatsapp on your mobile,
  3. Click on the setting icon,
  4. Tap on WhatsApp web,
  5. scan the QR code by pointing mobile cam towards QR code on a laptop,
  6. you can use Whatsapp for laptop/PC.


Important questions are, Does WhatsApp closes if I close the application on a laptop?

No, you will need to logout if incase you want to disconnect. Especially, if you’re signing from a public cafe PC, don’t forget to logout. Else, anybody who opens the application will have access to your WhatsApp.


How I Can Use Whatsapp On My Laptop – 2021


Do I Still Want Bluestacks App For Using Whatsapp On Laptop/PC?

No, you don’t want to install it if you are running Windows 8 and higher ( 32/64 bit version) or Mac Os X 10.9 and higher. You will see older articles referring to it because it was needed for systems to virtualize the android operating system back then.

For those, who’re still running older versions of the working system, following below steps:

Step1: Install Bluestacks App

Proceed with installing by Clicking here to install Bluestacks App.

Step 2: Space required for installation

Make sure that, more than 2GB of space is free on your hard drive to install this App, otherwise you will get an error message. But in case you are getting any message-related graphic drives, simply ignore it.

Step 3: Download Whatsapp

Once installation of bluestack app is complete, Click WhatsApp from the listed apps and install

Click on the Whatsapp icon to start a fast download.

Wait till the download completes.

Step 4: Successful installation status

After installation, you will see Whatsapp installed Status. Click on the Whatsapp icon to open Whatsapp messenger.

Step 5: Configuring WhatsApp on PC

  • Once you open WhatsApp on PC you will see the screen asking to agree and continue. Click on it and Provide a phone number on the next screen.
  • As you entered your number they will send a verification code to confirm that you are the owner of this mobile number. Enter the verification code and continue.
  • When verification completes, set profile info and click to continue.
  • And here it shows Whatsapp for laptop.
  • In some cases, you may receive your verification code very late. So you should use a call function.

Is Bluestacks safe and legal?

Sure, it’s safe and legal. It’s just an emulator to run Android Apps.

Is Bluestacks free of charge?

Sure, It’s free software that allows us to download and install android apps on your Laptop/Windows/PC.


In case you are running short of memory, then go for using the web version of WhatsApp on your laptop. But if you choose to have it as an application on your system, then go for the installed version. I personally prefer going with a web version but I would like to know your thoughts on this. That’s it from my side, all about “How I can use Whatsapp for laptop“.


Now you can use Whatsapp for laptop free and easy to use.


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